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Facts Concerning the Minimum Wage Debate
You ought to note that a report that was released by researchers from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, over 80 million Americans were found to be minimum income personnel check out this website. You need to know that most of the workers are getting very low salary. Bear in mind that these findings and others have become a major concern in the country. Bear in mind that countless individuals want to know if there will be a salary increase. The other major concern is that if there will be any effect in the nation’s money if the wages are raised. Be advised that the debate is complicated because of politics and other factors.

Bear in mind that very many people don’t even know how the discussion took shape check it out. It is crucial to keep in mind that the minimum salary was made known to people in 1938 and it was part of the Fair Labor Standards Act. In those days, employers were supposed to pay their employees about four dollars per hour. As hard as it is to accept as true, that was enough money for an individual to manage to pay for a humble living in those days check it out!. Remember that times do change, and the needs of minimum wage workers have also been changing visit this homepage. It is essential to note that nowadays, a lot of states pay workers an average rate of $7.25 per hour. A lot of people think that it is time to change the laws that were put in place eighty years ago.

It is essential to note that life has become tough because of the high rates in the past few years. You ought to note that a huge percentage of people in the USA cannot raise $1000 dollars. Note that life has become tough for most people because of insurance, medical bills and other things. It is crucial to keep in mind that very many people go without food because they use the minimum wage to pay their monthly bills. It is essential to note that a lot of waiters and waitresses earn two dollars per hour and that is including the tips they are given by clients click for more. Be advised that the money cannot be enough even if you work day and night the entire week.

It is crucial to keep in mind that increasing the minimum wage is not a big deal but there are some issues. Note that a lot of people will lose their jobs to make this a reality. Keep in mind that a lot of things will become expensive.

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