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What You Should Know Concerning Character Development.

You can basically put down the ideas you want to express in a novel in a few sentences. However, you should not forget that you will require a lead character. Picking a name of the character is the simplest part and the hard task is breathing life into them. If you hope to capture the attention of people in your book, it is crucial for you to have believable characters who people relate. It does not matter whether the genre is allegory, futuristic or even fantasy. It is crucial for your superhero characters to be knowable too. The lead character has to be introduced as early as possible. This does not mean the vague idea of him but rather making an introduction using their names. People can make opinions or even take a certain perspective bad on the name of the character. You want to make sure the character’s name is not just interesting but also memorable. You want to avoid names that are outrageous or even quirky. Unless you are going for a melodrama, the complex names should be left out. The name of your main character should be something to do with their character as well. Typical names are very easy to forget. The names should be chosen based on the character’s ethnicity because contradicting yourself will not give you any credits.

The character names should also be geographically and historically correct. Apart from the name, you need to make sure the readers have some information about the lead character. You can have a clear picture of the main character in your mind but this is not something you should be forcing on your readers. To form a clear picture of the character in their minds, readers need to know their physical measurements, the color of their eyes and even hair. Even so, do not make this description in just a single sentence. You can bring the information to the attention of readers in dialogue form or even in the course of action. You need to provide a trigger so that the reader will form his or her own mental picture.

The chapter should include the backstory of the lead character. You have to dig deep in coming up with that. Include the place of birth, the parents and the time. Decide whether the character has siblings, and you can also indicate their age and names. If the character is studying, elaborate on the level. Other aspects you might discuss include income, goals, spiritual life, friends, and also the worldview.

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